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Messi's Dad: 'Lionel always played for fun'


BP: What advice can you give parents so that their kids may be as important as yours?

JORGE MESSI: In reality I don't know if what I have to say is advice. I always say that the kids, at one point in their life, have to decide what they want to do. You can help them in choosing a decision but ultimately it's up to them.

In terms of advice, let kids play and have fun: don't put pressure on them. If the child is ready then they'll make their own decision.

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Barcelona's Secret to Soccer Success


We all see that Barcelona are brilliant. The only problem is understanding just how they do it. That's where my friend Albert Capellas comes in. Whenever he and I run into each other somewhere in Europe, we talk about Barça. Not many people know the subject better. Capellas is now assistant manager at Vitesse Arnhem in Holland, but before that he was coordinator of Barcelona's great youth academy, the Masia. He helped bring a boy named Sergio Busquets from a rough local neighbourhood to Barça. He trained Andres Iniesta and Victor Valdes in their youth teams. In all, Capellas worked nine years for his hometown club.

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